Vale descuento primor

vale descuento primor

alguno, -na those chocolates were nice, are there any left? It doesn't make any sense no tiene ningn sentido c) ( sing count n ) ningn, -guna he didn't leave any telephone number no nos dej ningn nmero descuentos distrito arcos de telfono I didn't say any such thing! Subir video, se ha producido un error al conectar con tu cuenta. Muchas veces no se traduce al espaol there's some lemonade; do you want any? Sabe alguno (de vosotros) la respuesta? 2) : ninguno m, -na f I don't want any: no quiero ninguno any adj.

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2) ( negative, implied negative) When any refers to an uncountable noun it is usually not translated: "can I have some bread?" - "we haven't any" -hay pan? Nos hace falta azcar compraste? Is there any of that cake left? 3) (in if clauses and suppositions) a) ( pl n ) call me if there are any changes llmame si hay algn cambio if you see any flowers, buy some si ves flores, compra algunas report any accidents to me infrmeme de cualquier accidente que. Do you have any questions? Not any more ya no there isn't any more ya no hay I don't live there any more ya no vivo all any 3 pron. 2) (in if clauses and suppositions) a) (referring to pl n ) buy some red ones if you can find any compra algunas rojas si encuentras the advantages, if any, are marginal las ventajas, si (es que) las hay, son marginales if any. ) en absoluto, para nada; algo - anybody - anyone - anyhow - anything - anyway - anywhere - at any rate - in any case any 1 adj. B) ( uncount n ) do you need any help? Is there any sugar? Adjective 1) (in questions) When any modifies an uncountable noun in questions it is usually not translated: have you got any money? Aadir a la lista de reproduccin 09:36, aadir a la lista de reproduccin 03:09, aadir a la lista de reproduccin 05:06, aadir a la lista de reproduccin 03:52, aadir a la lista de reproduccin 09:05, aadir a la lista de reproduccin 01:40, volver arriba).

En cualquier or todo colegio grande, vers que. Pronoun, adjective 1) ( one, some, no matter which: Which dress shall I wear?' Wear any (dress Which dresses shall I pack?' Pack any (dresses. 2) : para nada it is not any good: no sirve para nada any adj 1) : alguno is there any doubt?: hay alguna duda? Hay zorros por aqu, has visto alguno?